Take a peak

... inside the Alli Q Design studio and you may find a variety of projects ranging from branding and marketing to event graphics and digital design. Started in New York City in 2010 the workshop is now located near Burying Hill Beach in Westport, Connecticut. 


Alli began her design studies in Architecture and Environmental Design at the University of Colorado where upon graduation discovered print design. 18 years later, Graphic Design is still her primary focus with a secondary passion in marketing for historical preservation and product development. Check out RememberNYC and FlairFriends.com!


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Alli moved to New York City in 2005. Now a proud resident of Westport, Alli enjoys quieter roads, greener vistas and free downtown parking. This new found peace doesn’t hinder her drive to support the success of growing businesses, small and large, and solve for design challenges every day.